Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fishing Report Jan 7-Feb 14 2008

Snow Snow and more Snow!!
You gotta love all this precip, with the ground saturated and the aquifers full,we should have a fabulous spring!! We currently have 4 feet of snow in Markdale. Lets hope for a slow melt!!
I want to thank the the people that came out to the First Cast Fly shop in Guelph to see some of my fly patterns. It's always great to show new fly anglers patterns that work for multiple spieces.
The boat is getting some small modifications this winter. Mostly re-finishing/cosmetics and small repairs. I was hoping to cut the bottom off to decrease rocker but that will have to wait. That's what I love about building my own boat, no matter what,I can do whatever I want to it!!

Looks like we will have high-speed shortly, that will allow us the update and upload much faster.
I'll be posting photo's of the boat building from scratch,I hope you find them interesting. I will also be putting together a DVD this year.
My spring is looking good, increased interest in guiding and more people looking to learn to fly fish. Anyone looking for gift ideas should consider my courses,I've got something for everyone.
I look forward to getting out with all of you this year.
Thanks again for a great 2007!