Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fishing Report April 6-April 20 2008

Not too much to report, I've been busy getting the boat ready for opener..not for guiding for my wife and
I!! Many rivers are fishing well, The Maitland is very clear but still flowing well/ The Smallmouth have started to show up in the lower river.. try not hooking one! They do get thick from 21 down stream,but remember the season is still closed, catch too many with a C.O. watching, and you will be charged.
The Saugeen has bee producing some better numbers...of anglers... good fishing too, but a busy river as always.
The Notty has seen of the highest water levels in a long time, good for the fish. With all that water, the Steelhead would have been able to get to the spawning tribs to do what they do.

I've done most of the changes to the boat, it's mostly finishing now. New paint, more varnish and that will be it. Good for atleast two years,god thiong, it will take that long to get the skin back on my fingers!! I had to replace the steam bent oak knee brace, with the new gunwales the pressure had cracked the epoxy/cabosil bond. Weakening the brace too much to trust. I ended up making up a jig with a compound curve and laminated 1/8 th marine ply to get the shape. I was a little upset cutting the oak out of the boat, but it gave me an idea to improve my rod holders... you'l have to book a trip to see them!
Have a look at the progress.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Report March 11 April 6 2008

No big surprise..The rivers are shot!
At least for now, gives me more time to get the boat all fixed up for the up comming season.
Some of the work is now completed, it's now down to finishing work.
Have a look at some of the new changes.