Monday, March 23, 2009

Fishing Report March 02 2009- March 23 2009

Still in the Garage/shop

Here are some photo's of what I've been doing.

Ever steam bend 3/4 inch oak?? It isn't fun. I've

done this enough that I know the importance of a

good jig!! This one is huge and stout, good thing

as I had to stand on it to bend the oak!! The temps

is over the minimun of 212, but the shop was full of

the scent of cedar.. nice!!

After doing the New fly fisher, Colin gave a few

ideas that would improve the boat for anglers

needing more space... okay he just got frustrated

trying to move around... so I changed things

with his comments in mind... some anyway.

The rear angler now has 8 inches more floor

space. I've also made the oak brace 8 inches

taller... no more trying to get around them

with your knees.

Lots if changes with the boat.. lower sides, new dry boxes,

gunwales blah blah blah..I wish I would have this done earlier

so I can get out and do some fishing. I should have the boat

done in 3 weeks, I'm sure you have heard me speak about the

things I should have done when building... well most of those

"things" are done!! I've managed to weight most of what I cut out... over 80 lbs of plywood and glass... the boat should come

in at less than 300lbs!! I'll have to take it to the dump again for a true weight.

We still have plenty of snow in the bush.

With any luck... keep your fingers crossed!! We

will have plenty of water and a good amount of fishing

(Steelhead ) this season.

My May is almost done, if you had planned to book

this spring, I have only 3 days open.

I'm watching my New Fly Fisher show right now... like most people say

" we are our own worst critic" I'm very happy with the show...

I should have shut my mouth.. would have been a better show!!!

Look forward to hearing some feed back, I have no idea

when it will air so you'll have to watch all the shows..

too bad eh???

I'm looking forward to the guides I have booked for early June.

The Drake hatch on the Saugeen lasted almost 3 weeks last year.. should be excellent dry fly fishing.

Back to the shop. Thanks so much for checking out the blog!!

I also need th thank my wife Valery, without her support, I wouldn't be doing what I love... so Thank you sweetheart, all you do is very appreciated. I love you!!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Fishing Report?? Jan 22 09 - March 2 09

This is all about the boat. I've been busy re designing the boat, after 3 years with this I now know exactly what I need and want in the boat.

I've cut the bottom off, yep off!! I've done this to flatten the bottom and widen the boat. This will allow the boat to easily float in 4 inches of water. I've also taken all the interior parts out. The plan is to extend the rear anglers floor, take the knee brace up to 26 inches moving the brace ahead 12 inches. I will also replace the rear seat mount with a pedestal base with storage space.

The large dry boxes have been shortened to 14 inch from
16 inches. They have also been fitted with new tops and doors.
The front casting deck has been replaced, this was done to allow
me to cut the gunwales off and drop the front of the
boat 3 inches. That will take a total of 7 inches off the height,
allowing easier access for the front of the boat. The front dry
boxes have also been lowered and totally replaced with round
corners and a full shelf across the front. The lids are gone and access to the dry storage has been moved. The front seat position has been moved back 4 inches and the pedestal seat mount made larger.
So that is what I'm doing these days check back or feel free to email if you have questions.