Friday, December 10, 2010

Fishing Report..Been a long time!!

Wow... I've been way too busy,or just too lazy..
To dispel some rumors,I'm still guiding!! I have not closed my business.I am still alive,although a bit beat up from building our house,an ugly shoulder injury(that will need surgery.. someday soon)and some weird weather patterns this year... lots of rain when we,(or I) didn't want it.
Yes, Fishing was pretty good, had a few guides that worked out this year. Met some really great people from all over the world. One thing that never stops amazing me,If you meet someone that fishes you have an instant connection, you meet someone that fly fishes... you have a fellow addict friend. I've had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman from Holland. His name is Pim. We spent a day trying for a Musky. This guy reminded me why I do what I do.To see the excitement in his eye's when we had a follow!! To hear him speak about that follow for the rest of the day!! The way his casting and placement of cast showed he meant business.. every cast was on the money!! We got some Pike but no Musky committed to our flies.
At the end of the day, I felt so good about having Pim in my boat. I felt good about what I did to get him into a fish he'd never caught..I just felt good... seemed to be a long time that I had felt good..
The house will be live able soon.I'll be able to focus on guiding again,with way more enthusiasm I'm sure.. Val will also be glad to be rid of me,if just for a few hours!!
I appreciate your patience and tolerance.
Look forward to seeing you at some shows this spring and on the river in 2011.