Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing report May 17th 2011

Not so much a fishing report but a rant!
So, I've tied up a new Mouse pattern and was headed down to the Rocky to try it out . Let me say this,I am so disgusted by the lack of respect for our natural resources. Yes, I realize fishing in this area is done mostly by beer drinking idiots that can carry a 6 pack in, but can't seem to find room to pack it out!! WTF!!! Not only beer cans but broken liquor bottles smashed right on the trail, worm boxes, cigarette butts..ya I smoke,but I rip the filter off and put the filter in my pocket until I get home and put them in the garbage..
So,I know that virtually everybody that reads this is a responsible person... not sure what I need to do to get people to be a little more environmentally sensitive...
Anyway, didn't try the Mouse.... I'll do it on another river.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fishing report Spring 2011

Funny thing.... I'm not dead!! Yes, I'm still guiding and doing a pretty good amount of it!

In all seriousness, I'm still getting questions if I'm still guiding.. yes.. yes I am.

I've heard plenty of rumors and stories, some are pretty ugly. Not going to get into details,I'm okay busy with the house when I can fit it in. Val and I should be living in the house by July.

So, we've had a lot of high water, it's kept me off the river for a few days. Had some good trip and some bad trips, mostly due to conditions.I have this thing where I won't take clients out if the chances are slim.. so I don't.

The Brook tout sections of the Saugeen are heavily fished this year. Too many fish leaving in plastic bags, lots of garbage left stream side... gotta wander why the land owners are getting upset??

If I could ask for one thing... it would be to have all fishermen ask for permission before fishing private property.

I'm sure if someone walked through your back yard .. you'd be out in a heartbeat asking what and why the hell are you on my property?? Keep that in mind..although I highly doubt that most of the people I see are looking at my blog!

I've been lucky to have a few repeat clients out again this year, The most recent was Graham.

Graham is a "salt of the earth" kinda guy. You couldn't ask for a better person to hang out with for a day. He's a good caster, a great guy and a hell of an angler overall.

We've done a drift to get him some good Brown trout before, but this year it all came together.

The day started slow, we had a few fish come to the fly but not eat. That was until the sun went down a bit and darkness was just an hour away. Using streamers, I had Graham casting to heavy wooded structure. Deep pools with moderate flow seemed to be the key. At one section of the river I had some good success in,I warned Graham about "high probability" water ahead.. and it was, shortly after his second cast he hooked a Brown , I didn't see anything of the fish but did see the rod pound down and the obvious signs of heavy head shakes from a good fish.. then off. The fish was gone.. Graham being Graham.. looked at me shook his head and started casting again.. It wasn't too long before he set on another good fish. This one's bigger he said.. again a few head shakes and gone...

So, two big fish out of the same pool.. "we should go" I said.. find another pool that has a hungry fish.. not 20 minutes later he's into a fish of a life time.. This brown hit so hard and fast! Graham did everything right, it was great to watch as he landed his biggest Brown trout ever.

Good times, I'm still smiling about that trip.. I will for awhile.

On another note, I'll be at the Walkerton Sportsman show again this year.. hope some of you drop by and say hello!