Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fishing Report April 2010 - June 03 2010

It's been a long time,sorry for that. I've had a few accidents that have put into limbo for a few weeks.
I've been out very little,the spring went to summer too fast, at last time I checked the rivers close by, are or had been in the 70 degree range. Some of you know that I'm not doing any guides with water temps in the 70 range.
With all the rain and cooler nigh time temps I should be able to get some guiding done. The Brown Drakes should be done on the Grand and just getting ready to start on the Saugeen.
I'm almost able to stand for more that a few hours, my hip is still bruised and I hurt badly when I cough.. but it's getting better.
I'll be at that Walkerton show this weekend, if you are around please drop by and say hello.
Thanks for checking in