Friday, December 10, 2010

Fishing Report..Been a long time!!

Wow... I've been way too busy,or just too lazy..
To dispel some rumors,I'm still guiding!! I have not closed my business.I am still alive,although a bit beat up from building our house,an ugly shoulder injury(that will need surgery.. someday soon)and some weird weather patterns this year... lots of rain when we,(or I) didn't want it.
Yes, Fishing was pretty good, had a few guides that worked out this year. Met some really great people from all over the world. One thing that never stops amazing me,If you meet someone that fishes you have an instant connection, you meet someone that fly fishes... you have a fellow addict friend. I've had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman from Holland. His name is Pim. We spent a day trying for a Musky. This guy reminded me why I do what I do.To see the excitement in his eye's when we had a follow!! To hear him speak about that follow for the rest of the day!! The way his casting and placement of cast showed he meant business.. every cast was on the money!! We got some Pike but no Musky committed to our flies.
At the end of the day, I felt so good about having Pim in my boat. I felt good about what I did to get him into a fish he'd never caught..I just felt good... seemed to be a long time that I had felt good..
The house will be live able soon.I'll be able to focus on guiding again,with way more enthusiasm I'm sure.. Val will also be glad to be rid of me,if just for a few hours!!
I appreciate your patience and tolerance.
Look forward to seeing you at some shows this spring and on the river in 2011.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fishing report July 5 August12 2010

Man, I wish we could get more high water!!!
Not really, but I've been cancelling guides more than doing them.
With any luck things are back to normal.. with the rivers.
I've had a second shot, this was right in my AC joint ... Ya, thought after the first one was so easy, I'd try the second shot to see if that is the area that is causing all the problems.
Well, that hurt like hell, was close to passing out after the needle hit whatever he hit!!
Had a hard time driving home from Brampton(they just don't have cortisone in the Markdale area???) 3 days later and pain was down to 40% not bad!!
So I've taken it easy, trying to let things heal,been feeling pretty good,might be a good time to try rowing again, it was... for the time we had been on the river... today not so much.
We had a great day with Musky, 6-7 came to the fly.. some huge fish too.
So, I'm still taking it easy and am guiding.
Hope to hear from you soon....
Just weeks before Steelheading...

Monday, July 05, 2010

Fishing report

Okay, ready for the "low down???
Yes, I've been injured. My Pelvis/hip is much better, walking without the cane but still not doing back flips!! The shoulder thing continues to be a ..... pain!
I'm getting another cortisone shot on the 26 Th... yahoo!! The first wasn't much help.. hoping the next works wonders!!
Okay.. fishing,
The waters in this neck of the woods are getting hot... not warm.. HOT!!!! in Temp only. Most of you know I don't guide when water reaches the 70 degree mark. So Bass and Musky it is!! I'm able to do one drift a week, more than that and the shoulder is sh.t for 4 days. With said, the Smallmouth and Musky fish will be outstanding this summer!!!
So, if you've got something in mind,and want to spend a day with me on the river??
Drop me a line, we'll try to put something together... I'm really missing my regulars,it would be great to see you all again!!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fishing Report April 2010 - June 03 2010

It's been a long time,sorry for that. I've had a few accidents that have put into limbo for a few weeks.
I've been out very little,the spring went to summer too fast, at last time I checked the rivers close by, are or had been in the 70 degree range. Some of you know that I'm not doing any guides with water temps in the 70 range.
With all the rain and cooler nigh time temps I should be able to get some guiding done. The Brown Drakes should be done on the Grand and just getting ready to start on the Saugeen.
I'm almost able to stand for more that a few hours, my hip is still bruised and I hurt badly when I cough.. but it's getting better.
I'll be at that Walkerton show this weekend, if you are around please drop by and say hello.
Thanks for checking in

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fishing Report

Again, Lots going on but no fishing for this guy.
I couldn't cast or hold a fishing rod right now. I've found out after an MRI that my ACL in my shoulder is done. I'll be seeing a surgeon in June to see what the next step is. My doctor has told me surgery is really the only option... she doesn't know me very well... I'll be guiding this year, I'll hold off on the surgery until next winter.
The house is coming together, working on the roof right now. I drive over the Saugeen everyday, it's one of the hardest things I do!!!
I'm sure when the season opens, I will find my shoulder is great.. I hope!! I'm booking up with courses and lots of guide bookings... I may even be able to afford the House.
I'm still not able to check emails everyday, we just had our Hydro hooked up.
Thanks for checking in,I do appreciate it

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fishing report

No fishing reports to speak about. We are deep into the freeze!
I'm going to be at the first ever Walkerton Sportsman show this June 4,5,6 Th.
Anyone with an interest in the outdoors and what the Grey/Bruce area has to offer in the way of retailers and outfitters should plan on see the show!!

I'm not going to bore you with the house situation,although I don't have much else to talk about these days.
I've had a fair response to the Mailing list in my last post.. this invite goes out to anyone with any interest in what is going on in this area. Yes, it's about fishing, but I do add some local events and things to see and or do.
I'll keep posting when I can, with any luck and a lot of hard work,we'll be back to normal within the next couple of months.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fishing Report end of 2009

Happy New year!!
Into a new decade, with some very interesting things on the horizon.
I've got some big plans for the next year, I'll get into the details another time, some are still in the works.
One of these is a private mailing list. I'll be sending weekly emails containing conditions/hatches and any special offers I'll be having. I'll maintain the blog reports with conditions, the subscribers will get more frequent and more detailed reports. To get on the list, just send an email to with the subject "reports please" and you'll be on the list!!
The website will be getting a light face lift, I'll be adding more fly patterns, for all species.
I will be off-line for a month, The house Reno's will be starting in the next week. Val and I will be moving for a month or two. I will be available by cellular (519-820-8506) .
I trust everyone enjoyed the holidays,spent some time with Family and are looking forward to the up coming season!!