Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fishing Report Oct 20 - Nov 30 2008

What a change from last fall, lots of water, almost too much. Like always, fishing has been hit and miss for the last few weeks.
The high water has filled the rivers with Steelhead, they are
not in the same holding locations as previous years. We've had to work a little harder to find them... but we have been finding them.The Lower Saugeen has seen some changes, the debris boom has let go with the high water and heavy debris, half of the boom is hanging over the dam. Lots of fish in the Saugeen below Denny's. It's big water and you need to really read the water to find those fish. The water temps have push many fish in the slower moving areas. I've been have luck with swinging smaller black spey flies with a dropper, single egg or small stone flies in black
We've been fishing a long leader with no sinking tips.

The Maitland has seen more high water than the spring!
We've had a few good days before the river was so high it

was no longer safe to drift. Mike V and I had another 2

boat day, a corporate event, the guy's had done some

Steelheading before, one was a good fly angler, try as

he might the other anglers with spinning gear were

getting the fish. Had a chance to spend a day with Ray

from Hook,Line and Sinker/ The first Cast. We drifted
the Maitland just days before it went off.
It had rained the night before, heavy at times, adding some colour down stream from our starting point. I managed to hook the first fish on the Maitland Leech. A nice Male, the water temps was mid 40's so this fish really put the boots to me. Check out the Video!!

I had a chance to fish the Bighead for fun as the river peaked a few weeks ago. I've never had a day when I've had the river to myself,
what a blast just to fish with no pressure from other anglers. Timing
is everything on the Bighead, be on the river as it's just starting to
drop with about 18 inches of vis... and you're in!
I'll post some photo's of fish we've landed, some are first time
steelheaders with first ever steelhead.
The season should go into Mid to late Dec, I'm booked to the
22nd of Dec,with a few days left here and there.

Try as I might this blog sucks, the pictures are all over the place and I just can't seem to get this to work. Sorry for the ugly lay-out