Friday, October 12, 2012

Fishing Report Oct 2012

Two Words.. Book Now!!
This has been an EPIC month thus far, I've been getting multiple fish on the spey gear with shallow swings in slower water. If you've wanted to get out and experience some of the best wade or drift boat fly fishing for steelhead.. this is the time.
I can't tell you just how good this season has been, Big fish eating Hohbo Spey's like candy.. It's insane.
The pattern can be seen on Solitudes web site in the Steelhead section.. Blue and Black, Black and orange.. all I've been using.
If you want to have a true Ontario Steelhead Adventure.. drop an email or give me a call, My weekends are full so It's all during the week. I'll bet we won't need to share a pool with anyone else.. just you and I.. your guide coaching you into some fantastic Steelhead action!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fishing Report Sept 4 Th 2012

Still very Low water conditions, have seen a few Salmon moving through the lower river, like 4-5??
Upper Section is again at a stand still, never seen the river this low with little or no flow. Has me worried.
Middle section is really low, but semi clear and full of guy's that feel it's okay to take as many fish as they want...
Lower section has been good, still stained and water temps are getting back up to low 80's mid day.
I'll keep you posted on river conditions..
 On another note, while waiting for a Client on Monday... this ass hole with a C.T. spinning rod comes up the stairs at Tim's in Walkerton. Asked me how I'm "do'n" and jumps on his bicycle with a 3 foot long stick with 2, 4 inch rainbow smolts on the stick.. Jesus, these fish had to be the smallest things I've ever seen. The sad thing is he was so proud!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fishing Report August 2010

Low, Low,Low..
This has been a really tough year on the Saugeen. Not for Fishing but for the fish. Guided the Paisley section Yesterday, I'm seeing structure I've never.. and I mean Never seen before. Water temps have finally dropped, thank god for the night time temps.. all we need is a week of solid rain and we'd be back to maybe normal levels. Saw a Big Chinook move through a riffle yesterday... gotta wonder how long before those fish get so stressed they just give up.
The lower river sections are really stained up with algae, it's 50/50 dead and alive so the river has a nasty Brown/green color. Fish are still able to find our flies and we are getting some good fish on Cray's ,skinny clousers and Hex nymphs. Not mush for top water action, maybe one fish every 500 feet give or take.
Musky are in much better shape with the low 70's temps, had a great day with a first timer with the big flies yesterday. Landed two good fish, in the 36-40 inch class, Nice work Paul!!
Still seeing Hex's coming off, nothing in any numbers and fish seem to have keyed off the spinners and Dunn's.
Just weeks until Fish able numbers of Steelhead are in the river... keep checking back for updates on the run this Fall.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fishing Reports

In typical Chandler form, I've left this way too long...
Been  great Year for bookings, best year ever to be honest. I'm still working away at the house, but am getting closer everyday to living here.
The spring season was short lived, and now we are in the heavy part of summer with little rain, super low water conditions and very very warm water.
Have had some good days and bad days, luckily more good than bad and even the bad weren't that bad... always getting fish, maybe not the size or numbers but fish is fish.
I've purchased a GoPro Hero two and have been taking Video of some clients catches, and will get them up after editing, which seems to take forever..
I'm already booking Trout trips for 2013, and my fall is filling up nicely, looking forward to some cooler weather and higher river levels.