Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moving fly tying

As much as we would like to continue fly tying on the blog, we find it is too time consuming and difficult to have the post appear to you as we would like. I will be posting a link
to the new tying album.
We apologize for the inconvenience
Thank you

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Materials list

The Vise is here and I'm ready to go. Well almost, It seems I've purchased a camera without a good "macro" setting . While I wait for my new camera ,take a look at the vise,great value and a fantastic tool. Well Done Peak!!
I also have the list of what you'll need to tie the Pink Matuka Spey;

Hook,#3/0 Partridge CS10/1(or equivelant)

Thread, 6/0 uni thread Pink or red

Tag, Silver flat mylar #12

Rib, Oval Tinsel x-strong medium

Body, Micro Chenille White

Wing, Magnum Rabbit Strip (cut to a point to tie in)

Collar, Large Cactus Chenille Pink

Hackle, Pink Saddle hackle (to be wrapper in front of collar)

Hackle#2 White Burnt spey(soaked in hot water,strip one side,tie in at tip of feather)

Over hackle, Pink mallard flank (strip one side tie tip first)

It's a long list,but I've taken 10 years to get this fly perfect. In various colors (Black, Purple, White and Olive) this fly produces on every River I've fish.

The Pink Matuka spey can be a tricky fly to tie first time,so be paitent and take your time.

It can also be tied in smaller sizes,the 3/0 is what the size I fish with the two hander and a heavy tip.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hot Great Lakes Steelhead Patterns

Hi everybody,

We had a problem last week,actually a few problems. The website was lost,my hosting service had a hard drive melt down and lost everything on the drive. I apologize for the down time and hope it doesn't happen again.It took sometime but we are up and running again. I"ll be working with Peak rotary vises, for the Peak Pro-staff team. This is a great vise at a fantastic price! Take a look at my Links page for the URL for Peak, I'm sure you will be as impressed as I was!
I'll be tying these flies and more "Guide Flies" and will post the recipes on the blog. With spring Steelheading starting soon we'll start with steelhead patterns. These flies have been my "go to" flies all fall. You'll want to have a couple of each for the spring when the water temps get around 50 degrees.