Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishing report July 11 2009 - July 27 2009

The summer that wasn't, what do you do/? Go brookie fishing In July!!
Tha Main Saugeen is at a all time low for July, water temps Saturday... 64.3!! Nice!!
Had a client out for a First cast course, Greg did very well, picked up casting like he'd been doing it for years. Okay, that was a stretch.. but he did do very well. We packed up after our Burgers(I hate burgers, have them pretty much everyday now) and off to the upper Saugeen. Just as we pulled up... the clouds let go.. we sat for 20 minutes in a massive rain storm. After it let up, we geared up and jumped in the river for some bug sampling, always like clients to see what is in the rivers. It always surprises people just how much food is available to the trout. Anyway, after a few quick pointers on mending and water reading, we fish a small pool just minutes from the access point.
Didn't take long before Greg was into a fish.. albeit a small chubb. So after about 20 more, we moved to the next pool for some nymphing demo's, Greg caught on quickly, just a few cast and he had his first Brookie on a nymph.. then lost it... but he had one on!!!
Off to the next pool, this one always holds 6 or more Brookies willing to take a dry. Tied on a Yellow Humpy and he was into his first Brook trout on a dry.. another cast or two, and another was willing. Nice fish, released to fight another day.
All in all, we had a good couple of hours on the river.
Greg, if you read this keep at it.

Was on the Saugeen with the drift boat 4 out of 5 days last week. The water temp has fallen again to below 67. Great fun trying to get fish to take anything that isn't crawling right in front of them. We've managed a few good smallies,and a decent Musky! The Musky was great, Steve and his wife Elsbeth (God I hope I got that right)
Booked me for two days. The First day was slow, we did manage a few Bass to come to poppers.. I think they might have even taken one or two, but fishing was slow. These two are great casters, on the money every time!! Here is a shot of Elsbeth with the biggest Bass of the trip.

With any luck this week will prove to be better.
Tight lines

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New "recession" Pricing

I understand that almost everyone has been watching what they are treating themselves with. The "stay-cation" has become the catch word for this economy.
That being said I've put together an offer for these economic times. I've decided to offer recession pricing for the 2 person drift boat guides. The New price is $300.00 CND,(from 450.00) I've take the shore lunch out of the trip.You bring your own lunch and drinks. I also don't supply flies or gear, bring your flies and rods. The offer is good until the end of this year,depending on the response, I may offer it again for next year.
I hope this give some of my clients a chance for a day in the drift boat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fishing Report June 22 2009 - July 11 2009

So... It's Summer?? What happened to the nice hot sunny days???
This is great weather for the Trout but for fishing Smallies... not so much.
The forecast for the next week looks okay and should bring the Saugeen up a few degrees.
Was out for fun yesterday... had some nice fish hit poppers.The guy I was fishing with had never really fished smallmouth before so, through no fault of his had a hard time hooking them.. he did manage to get a Musky to follow his popper right too the boat then it saw my face and turned off... a typical response to my face... can't say I blame it...
The boat is... well.... it's never "done", but it's in the water and man is it a sweet ride.I am really happy with the new design, yes a bit heavier but still under 350 lbs. Have a look.
July is a great month for me I'm busy with guides, get to see my favorite Brother in law and his wife. Drake is healing after breaking his front leg... yes another 300.00 vet bill!!Good God will it ever end???
Will have some good photo's to share soon