Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fishing Report Nov 04 2009- Dec 15 2009

We are deep into winter now. The rivers are frozen or very close to it.
I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts, Val and I are very busy with trying to get back on our feet with this house. We've hired an architect, Neil Pitcher from Markdale. He's an amazing person,as is his wife Janet. They have help so much with the "what and how" it has been a real treat to work with them. To date we have had to replace our septic, it was far too small for the house. We've upgraded our Hydro service to 200 amp and taken it underground, the tornado had removed the overhead line from out transformer. We'll be picking up our Building permit Friday,and will be moving back to Mount Forest for a month or two.
So, the apology is for two things, first, my preoccupation with other things leading me not to be as diligent as I should with my business. Second, ( this is for clients that had booked me this year), my not being as focused as I have been in the past.
The next few months will be hectic to say the least, but it will end. We will be warm,safe and dry with any luck before the spring. I look forward to being comfortable with our situation next year and will be very focused on my guiding.
Again I thank all of you for your understanding.
All the best for the holiday season
BTW, I did have a reasonably good fall, Steelhead, for the most part had been taking smaller flies on the swing.. then winter hit... don't you LOVE winter????

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Fishing Report Oct 06 2009-Nov 04 2009

Welcome Steelhead!!!

Rivers are in great shape fish moving in and good
numbers of fishing on every trip.

I'm having a great fall, enough said!!

My new fly patterns have been working

pretty well, and it's great not to use an indicator.

This is Carl and his son Jake, had them out today, not the best weather, but that didn't

seem to bother these first time Steelheaders. Carl

got this fish to eat on the swing in the first hour

of our day. Pretty good start.

If your looking for a great fly fishing for
Steelhead experience, give me a call or drop an

email, I'm busy but I'll find time to get you out!!


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fishing report Sept 10 2009 - Oct 06 2009

Let the Fall season begin!!!
Water levels in most rivers are on the way up!! Temps are on the way down!! With the full moon fish are moving into the rivers.
The Saugeen is 52.9 and the fish are on the move... quickly!! I'm finding most fish in fast water, and they aren't staying long.
The season looks good thus far, with more rain in the forecast and colder night temps you should be calling or emailing me for a booking.
Lots to do before the snow flies, on the house.
I've got some new fly patterns I'm working on. I've decided to get back to the old standard patterns I've used for years, why change when they work??? Good question.
I'm rally looking forward to being out on the rivers this fall, the trees are turning right now and are just incredible!!
Happy Thanksgiving
Tight lines

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fishing Report Aug 27 2009 Sept 10 2009

Fishing has or was picking up before the heat wave.
I've not had time to venture too far from home.. or home waters. All my guiding time has been on the Saugeen in one form or another. A trout drift with Doug and his Father, a Bass drift with Dean and his father, a Musky/Bass drift with Graham and his Buddy Mike.
Fall/summer?? is a funny time, Graham and Mike did a long drift for Musky, a good 17 K's of casting big rods and big flies on the Last day of the Long weekend... Man that river had some pressure!! Not just from anglers but paddler's and pretty much anyone that has a boat was on the river.
The Saugeen is a great resource for many people, great place to paddle see wildlife, hell we saw a Beautiful mature Bald eagle on the lower river. It's also become a gigantic garbage can, I've never seen so many beer cans, water bottles and garbage.. every place we looked something was floating or sunk in the river. Good thing my clients have been on the river many times. If it was someone new to the area, or from another part of the world they would be disgusted.. as am I.
Okay back to the report, our trout drift on Saturday... (ya I know never do a drift on the Saugeen on the long weekend) Was great in the morning, got some good Brook trout, had the river to ourselves until about noon... then all hell broke loose... Doug was obviously upset with the amount of inner tubers on the section we did. It was non stop until the end of the day...
That being said, just minutes before the end of the day, we had a good wind blow the remaining ants into the river starting a few good rainbows feeding on the surface. Kieth(Doug's dad) had a Madam X on and Doug a Iso Dunn. Keith was the first drift over the rising trout, out it right on them and Bing ... fish on a nice 16 inch rainbow!! Then another showed itself... Doug's turn... one cast short drift and fish on!!
Mike from FlyFitters and I had a chance to play on the Saugeen for a few hours, great time. Mike and I get along really well, he's a great guy and a pleasure to fish with. We had finished a double boat guide and I had told him about the hatches I've been seeing on the upper river, so we put my boat in and did a "scouting trip". It started slow, but after the sun was off the river fishing picked up. Mike managed a nice 14-16 inch Brown! Great fish good fight and nice photo.
(have a look at the photo album,I've posted a bunch of new shots)

The Monday Graham and Mike did the long drift, we saw everything... paddler's for miles other anglers and Grahams' first Musky. Funny thing we had been tossing huge tube flies all day. I took them into a channel I know that has a decent Musky, after seeing the water and how low It was, I figured it was better to keep the bass thing going.. until Graham cast into a small pocket with good depth and had a big smack... no bite guard, the smallest fly we fished all day and you guessed it... his Musky!! Graham did an awesome job, the fish Jump and Graham managed to land the fish... sweet!!!
Just a few K's from Grahams'" new musky "spot...we saw a bright chrome Chinook Jump 2-3 times... Weird... but it's that time of the year.

Val and I are still trying to get things back in order after the Tornado. Still working with the insurance company try to get things moving forward... not an easy chore. Still we are healthy and not nearly as bad off as some.
Thank you to all that have expressed the offer to help clean up, greatly appreciated.
I'm looking forward to an exciting fall season, I hope you can find time to spend on the rivers chasing Steelhead. I look forward to seeing you out enjoying the season.
Tight lines

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tornados and fishing Reports

It's been a tough week. Today marks the one week mark since the

tornado ripped through our front yard. Things are slowly coming back, Hydro,temporary land line (it's hanging from the last of our trees). I can't believe we got through without any injurys. Sulfur seems to be suffering some shock, I kept her very close as the Tornado hit. She was shaking so bad, and wanted out of the Laundry room... badly. I couldn't let her go.. you never know how bad things are going to get.I'llleave it at that, we're all healthy, and everything can be replace.

So fishing was picking up, the Ephoron hatch had stated last

week mixed with some Hex's. Gord and his wife Kim were

my last clients before the storm. Gord missed some good

fish,and some good fish missed Gords' popper!! Was a great

day, I truly enjoy this couple. Great people!!
After our day had finished, we headed back to Walkerton

to drop Gord and Kim at their car.When we Reached the

Tim's, the Ephoron hatch was in full swing, and I mean FULL SWING!!

Check out the photo's, they closed the Drive through!! As the attendant

opened the window to serve, the Mayflies piled in!!

Have a look at the photo's, looks like snow around the lights!!

I'll be posting more shortly, still cutting trees.
Thanks for checking in,


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Reports and all is good again!!

Email is all worked out, back to normal... well as
normal as "I" get!! Well, It's been a busy couple
of weeks, lots of Bass guides and a over-nighter.
I sure would like summer to show up soon. The
Saugeen has dropped again to 66.8. Lots of Smallies
around.. with no appetite for anything, not
Even the infamous "full motion Hex",or
"full motion crayfish". It's easier to get Musky this year
than Smallies, I'm waiting for some photo's from the over-night trip.I'll get them up as soon as I get them. Rob and his Dad booked the trip many moons ago, and had been very excited to get out. Neither of them had a huge amount of Fly fishing experience, so after a quick tune up for his dad(had been 30 years for him) we headed out, Rob managed to hook two Musky, lost the first but landed the second, nice first Musky, 33 inches,jumped and cartwheeled!!
He also landed a nice 4.5 lbs smallie.
I'm crazy busy again this week, all but Friday is booked!!
I love my job, thanks to all that make this a reality!!
Tight lines

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I've been Spammed!!!

Hello Fellow Fly Fishers,
I'm asking for all potential and existing clients to please call the number on the Website to contact me for booking.
At last check,I was well over 10,000 emails being returned from all over the world.This was in a 10 hour period.
I am unable to check or view any email, please call my cell and I'll be happy to book or give information required.
Thank you for your understanding

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fishing report July 11 2009 - July 27 2009

The summer that wasn't, what do you do/? Go brookie fishing In July!!
Tha Main Saugeen is at a all time low for July, water temps Saturday... 64.3!! Nice!!
Had a client out for a First cast course, Greg did very well, picked up casting like he'd been doing it for years. Okay, that was a stretch.. but he did do very well. We packed up after our Burgers(I hate burgers, have them pretty much everyday now) and off to the upper Saugeen. Just as we pulled up... the clouds let go.. we sat for 20 minutes in a massive rain storm. After it let up, we geared up and jumped in the river for some bug sampling, always like clients to see what is in the rivers. It always surprises people just how much food is available to the trout. Anyway, after a few quick pointers on mending and water reading, we fish a small pool just minutes from the access point.
Didn't take long before Greg was into a fish.. albeit a small chubb. So after about 20 more, we moved to the next pool for some nymphing demo's, Greg caught on quickly, just a few cast and he had his first Brookie on a nymph.. then lost it... but he had one on!!!
Off to the next pool, this one always holds 6 or more Brookies willing to take a dry. Tied on a Yellow Humpy and he was into his first Brook trout on a dry.. another cast or two, and another was willing. Nice fish, released to fight another day.
All in all, we had a good couple of hours on the river.
Greg, if you read this keep at it.

Was on the Saugeen with the drift boat 4 out of 5 days last week. The water temp has fallen again to below 67. Great fun trying to get fish to take anything that isn't crawling right in front of them. We've managed a few good smallies,and a decent Musky! The Musky was great, Steve and his wife Elsbeth (God I hope I got that right)
Booked me for two days. The First day was slow, we did manage a few Bass to come to poppers.. I think they might have even taken one or two, but fishing was slow. These two are great casters, on the money every time!! Here is a shot of Elsbeth with the biggest Bass of the trip.

With any luck this week will prove to be better.
Tight lines

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New "recession" Pricing

I understand that almost everyone has been watching what they are treating themselves with. The "stay-cation" has become the catch word for this economy.
That being said I've put together an offer for these economic times. I've decided to offer recession pricing for the 2 person drift boat guides. The New price is $300.00 CND,(from 450.00) I've take the shore lunch out of the trip.You bring your own lunch and drinks. I also don't supply flies or gear, bring your flies and rods. The offer is good until the end of this year,depending on the response, I may offer it again for next year.
I hope this give some of my clients a chance for a day in the drift boat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fishing Report June 22 2009 - July 11 2009

So... It's Summer?? What happened to the nice hot sunny days???
This is great weather for the Trout but for fishing Smallies... not so much.
The forecast for the next week looks okay and should bring the Saugeen up a few degrees.
Was out for fun yesterday... had some nice fish hit poppers.The guy I was fishing with had never really fished smallmouth before so, through no fault of his had a hard time hooking them.. he did manage to get a Musky to follow his popper right too the boat then it saw my face and turned off... a typical response to my face... can't say I blame it...
The boat is... well.... it's never "done", but it's in the water and man is it a sweet ride.I am really happy with the new design, yes a bit heavier but still under 350 lbs. Have a look.
July is a great month for me I'm busy with guides, get to see my favorite Brother in law and his wife. Drake is healing after breaking his front leg... yes another 300.00 vet bill!!Good God will it ever end???
Will have some good photo's to share soon

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fishing Report June 2 2009- June 22 2009

Looks Like summer is here,the Upper Saugeen reached a high of 73.9 yesterday. Wouldn't even think of sticking a hook in my little Brookie buddies mouth.
Good amounts of Iso's coming off on the Saugeen, notice that I'm leaving out the area??? That's because I've run into some to say this...Fish killing Bastards??? Ya that works!

We've managed some good Browns and some great Brookies the last week, Graham stuck an 17-18 inch Brookies on a dry.. mid day last week. I had a chance to do some night fishing on Friday.. finished at 12:30. Too many Racoons mocking me from the bank, you know "Nice cast"... can you even SEE the fish??? What was the area?? not a chance.
Was a great night, caught my very first Juvenile Brown trout. What an amazing little dude, fat,strong and 100% natural. Also landed another brown just over 19 inches.Also hooked from the same pool, 3 rainbows and 4 brookies the Largest being 17 inches... I love big brook trout!!
With the weeks forecast Bass opener will be off the Chart!! The opener brings my first overnight trip of the year, Really looking forward to it.
Still taking bookings for Bass/Muskie trips. Also still doing plenty of "First cast courses, great to see the new interest in the sport.

The Boat... Good God the boat!! I'll post some photo's shortly! Can't say it's done... but can or do I ever??
Val... my love and I had a chance to fish together for the first time a week ago. We had fun.. I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching my wife cast,mend and set the hook!!
We took the dog's down the road to a very productive section for some river time... we ended up with too much river time with Drake. Drake loves the water.. he loves to find the strongest current and swims in the middle of the pools... great fun and he gets good and tired!!Limits the amount of rising fish we saw... but what can you do he's a puppy.

I trust you are all enjoy your time on the water
Tight lines

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fishing Report May 15 2009- June 2 2009

Finally, the Rivers are back or almost anyway.
With the cooler nights and plenty of rain the water temps are spot on for a fantastic early June.
Bob McKenzie had a small gathering of spey casters after the Calve this past weekend. We spent some time on the Speed in Guelph... and what a Drake hatch.. too bad the river has no real fish in it. The Hatch went on for hours, lots of bugs.
The Grand should start shortly with Drakes, Normally around the 4-6 of June.
Looking forward to some great days and evenings
Tight lines

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fishing Report May 7 2009 - May 15 2009

No more confusion, business as usual,I'm still guiding full time!!!

What a crazy Steelhead season, more water... less guiding.. too many cancellations due to high water.I'll be happy when I can get to the Brown Trout water... nice calm easy, hatches... you know that old chestnut.
Still struggling with high water in the trout waters up here. I have been on the rivers with courses sampling and teaching. The hendrickson nymphs are crazy thick, they have been hatching but the water has been soo high.
I'm looking forward to getting some photo's on the site, the boat looks sweet.
I'm sure you'll love the new design.
Tight lines

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fishing report April 8 2009- May 07 2009

I don't have much to report on, after the high water last week and the boat still needing a bottom coat, I'm in a bad place.
The Hendricksons' are starting to hatch on the upper Saugeen, the Rocky is still moving along at a good pace.
Thanks for checking in, I'll have more shortly.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fishing Report...March 23- April 8 th 2009

I wish I had some fishing reports to give... but I'm still in the Garage/shop building my butt off.
The boat has been fully re-designed, It no longer has anything to do with the original plans.
I have lost the use of my camera... guess I have some moisture in the lens, so I'll have to get a new one for some more photo's.. Check back shortly for a new set of photo's .
Thanks for checking in.
Feel free to email me for any questions or comments.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fishing Report March 02 2009- March 23 2009

Still in the Garage/shop

Here are some photo's of what I've been doing.

Ever steam bend 3/4 inch oak?? It isn't fun. I've

done this enough that I know the importance of a

good jig!! This one is huge and stout, good thing

as I had to stand on it to bend the oak!! The temps

is over the minimun of 212, but the shop was full of

the scent of cedar.. nice!!

After doing the New fly fisher, Colin gave a few

ideas that would improve the boat for anglers

needing more space... okay he just got frustrated

trying to move around... so I changed things

with his comments in mind... some anyway.

The rear angler now has 8 inches more floor

space. I've also made the oak brace 8 inches

taller... no more trying to get around them

with your knees.

Lots if changes with the boat.. lower sides, new dry boxes,

gunwales blah blah blah..I wish I would have this done earlier

so I can get out and do some fishing. I should have the boat

done in 3 weeks, I'm sure you have heard me speak about the

things I should have done when building... well most of those

"things" are done!! I've managed to weight most of what I cut out... over 80 lbs of plywood and glass... the boat should come

in at less than 300lbs!! I'll have to take it to the dump again for a true weight.

We still have plenty of snow in the bush.

With any luck... keep your fingers crossed!! We

will have plenty of water and a good amount of fishing

(Steelhead ) this season.

My May is almost done, if you had planned to book

this spring, I have only 3 days open.

I'm watching my New Fly Fisher show right now... like most people say

" we are our own worst critic" I'm very happy with the show...

I should have shut my mouth.. would have been a better show!!!

Look forward to hearing some feed back, I have no idea

when it will air so you'll have to watch all the shows..

too bad eh???

I'm looking forward to the guides I have booked for early June.

The Drake hatch on the Saugeen lasted almost 3 weeks last year.. should be excellent dry fly fishing.

Back to the shop. Thanks so much for checking out the blog!!

I also need th thank my wife Valery, without her support, I wouldn't be doing what I love... so Thank you sweetheart, all you do is very appreciated. I love you!!


Monday, March 02, 2009

Fishing Report?? Jan 22 09 - March 2 09

This is all about the boat. I've been busy re designing the boat, after 3 years with this I now know exactly what I need and want in the boat.

I've cut the bottom off, yep off!! I've done this to flatten the bottom and widen the boat. This will allow the boat to easily float in 4 inches of water. I've also taken all the interior parts out. The plan is to extend the rear anglers floor, take the knee brace up to 26 inches moving the brace ahead 12 inches. I will also replace the rear seat mount with a pedestal base with storage space.

The large dry boxes have been shortened to 14 inch from
16 inches. They have also been fitted with new tops and doors.
The front casting deck has been replaced, this was done to allow
me to cut the gunwales off and drop the front of the
boat 3 inches. That will take a total of 7 inches off the height,
allowing easier access for the front of the boat. The front dry
boxes have also been lowered and totally replaced with round
corners and a full shelf across the front. The lids are gone and access to the dry storage has been moved. The front seat position has been moved back 4 inches and the pedestal seat mount made larger.
So that is what I'm doing these days check back or feel free to email if you have questions.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fishing Report Dec 16 2008 - Jan 22 2009

Happy New year.
Not much to report in the way of fishing,we are in the "Throes of Winter" in the Grey/Bruce area. Many very cold nights has put a thick layer of ice on the creeks. As usual the Saugeen Valley conservation Authority has been watching the ice, fears of flooding are always on every ones mind with the anchor ice.

Just wanted to let everyone know I'll be at Bass Pro the weekend of the 7 th and 8 th of Feb. I'll be sharing some space with the other Bass Pro endorsed Outfitters and guides. Drop by and say hello. You to John H.!!!

I've been keeping busy getting my shop ready for a major boat overhaul, I'll be posting photo's as I get into the modifications. Some will be cutting the bottom off, removing the rocker allowing me to draft even less water. I'll also be changing the Dry storage boxes, new lids and dropping them down. Extending the Level floors at the rear and adding a pedestal seat. Replacing the Laminated ply knee brace with steam bent oak, some other stuff I'll need to work out before I post anything.

Looks like the economy hasn't really affected the Ontario residents too much, I'm getting plenty of calls and emails! Looks like 2009 is shaping up nicely.
I look forward to spending time with everyone and hope I see you at the Shows this spring.