Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fishing Report Nov 04 2009- Dec 15 2009

We are deep into winter now. The rivers are frozen or very close to it.
I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts, Val and I are very busy with trying to get back on our feet with this house. We've hired an architect, Neil Pitcher from Markdale. He's an amazing person,as is his wife Janet. They have help so much with the "what and how" it has been a real treat to work with them. To date we have had to replace our septic, it was far too small for the house. We've upgraded our Hydro service to 200 amp and taken it underground, the tornado had removed the overhead line from out transformer. We'll be picking up our Building permit Friday,and will be moving back to Mount Forest for a month or two.
So, the apology is for two things, first, my preoccupation with other things leading me not to be as diligent as I should with my business. Second, ( this is for clients that had booked me this year), my not being as focused as I have been in the past.
The next few months will be hectic to say the least, but it will end. We will be warm,safe and dry with any luck before the spring. I look forward to being comfortable with our situation next year and will be very focused on my guiding.
Again I thank all of you for your understanding.
All the best for the holiday season
BTW, I did have a reasonably good fall, Steelhead, for the most part had been taking smaller flies on the swing.. then winter hit... don't you LOVE winter????