Friday, October 12, 2012

Fishing Report Oct 2012

Two Words.. Book Now!!
This has been an EPIC month thus far, I've been getting multiple fish on the spey gear with shallow swings in slower water. If you've wanted to get out and experience some of the best wade or drift boat fly fishing for steelhead.. this is the time.
I can't tell you just how good this season has been, Big fish eating Hohbo Spey's like candy.. It's insane.
The pattern can be seen on Solitudes web site in the Steelhead section.. Blue and Black, Black and orange.. all I've been using.
If you want to have a true Ontario Steelhead Adventure.. drop an email or give me a call, My weekends are full so It's all during the week. I'll bet we won't need to share a pool with anyone else.. just you and I.. your guide coaching you into some fantastic Steelhead action!!!