Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fishing report July 5 August12 2010

Man, I wish we could get more high water!!!
Not really, but I've been cancelling guides more than doing them.
With any luck things are back to normal.. with the rivers.
I've had a second shot, this was right in my AC joint ... Ya, thought after the first one was so easy, I'd try the second shot to see if that is the area that is causing all the problems.
Well, that hurt like hell, was close to passing out after the needle hit whatever he hit!!
Had a hard time driving home from Brampton(they just don't have cortisone in the Markdale area???) 3 days later and pain was down to 40% not bad!!
So I've taken it easy, trying to let things heal,been feeling pretty good,might be a good time to try rowing again, it was... for the time we had been on the river... today not so much.
We had a great day with Musky, 6-7 came to the fly.. some huge fish too.
So, I'm still taking it easy and am guiding.
Hope to hear from you soon....
Just weeks before Steelheading...