Monday, June 22, 2009

Fishing Report June 2 2009- June 22 2009

Looks Like summer is here,the Upper Saugeen reached a high of 73.9 yesterday. Wouldn't even think of sticking a hook in my little Brookie buddies mouth.
Good amounts of Iso's coming off on the Saugeen, notice that I'm leaving out the area??? That's because I've run into some to say this...Fish killing Bastards??? Ya that works!

We've managed some good Browns and some great Brookies the last week, Graham stuck an 17-18 inch Brookies on a dry.. mid day last week. I had a chance to do some night fishing on Friday.. finished at 12:30. Too many Racoons mocking me from the bank, you know "Nice cast"... can you even SEE the fish??? What was the area?? not a chance.
Was a great night, caught my very first Juvenile Brown trout. What an amazing little dude, fat,strong and 100% natural. Also landed another brown just over 19 inches.Also hooked from the same pool, 3 rainbows and 4 brookies the Largest being 17 inches... I love big brook trout!!
With the weeks forecast Bass opener will be off the Chart!! The opener brings my first overnight trip of the year, Really looking forward to it.
Still taking bookings for Bass/Muskie trips. Also still doing plenty of "First cast courses, great to see the new interest in the sport.

The Boat... Good God the boat!! I'll post some photo's shortly! Can't say it's done... but can or do I ever??
Val... my love and I had a chance to fish together for the first time a week ago. We had fun.. I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching my wife cast,mend and set the hook!!
We took the dog's down the road to a very productive section for some river time... we ended up with too much river time with Drake. Drake loves the water.. he loves to find the strongest current and swims in the middle of the pools... great fun and he gets good and tired!!Limits the amount of rising fish we saw... but what can you do he's a puppy.

I trust you are all enjoy your time on the water
Tight lines

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fishing Report May 15 2009- June 2 2009

Finally, the Rivers are back or almost anyway.
With the cooler nights and plenty of rain the water temps are spot on for a fantastic early June.
Bob McKenzie had a small gathering of spey casters after the Calve this past weekend. We spent some time on the Speed in Guelph... and what a Drake hatch.. too bad the river has no real fish in it. The Hatch went on for hours, lots of bugs.
The Grand should start shortly with Drakes, Normally around the 4-6 of June.
Looking forward to some great days and evenings
Tight lines