Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fishing Report Feb 14- March 11 2008

Not so much a fishing report,but a boat build and up coming events report.
I will be at the Casting lanes Thursday(March 14) from 5 pm on in the Fly Fishing section at the 2008 Sportsman Show. I'd really like to see/meet some of you at the show.
As I write this, it's snowing again in Markdale, The snowbanks have reached a new high... 9 feet!! I have to walk out to the road check for traffic!Yep, I'm tired of winter.
That being said, we should have a great spring Steelhead season. Lots of snow=water and fish that didn't get too far in the Fall.Spring Bookings are filling my calender for both guiding and the First cast course.Shaping up to be another excellent year!!
The boat is coming along nicely, I have built some pretty heavy duty seats, they might even take abuse from Tim'r... or not!!
I 've made some pretty cool changes, lost the old style gunwales and made up new oar lock blocks from solid White Oak. Changed the seat in the stern, to a swivel mount with new drink holders. I've shaved some weight off the boat by removing some heavy items,no not you Tim'r. Changed my anchor rope system,cleaner and neater. I'll be re-varnishing the entire boat in about a week,and another coat of paint. Should look good as new!

The movie I worked on as a "fly fishing expert"(The Russell Girl) on was on the tube. It aired on the 27 th of January. My job was to teach the Main actors to cast like they had been fishing for years. Paul was casting like a pro with an hour,he's a very focused guy, wanting to learn and perform like he had been fishing for years. I didn't have too much time with Amber, although she was fun to teach. The entire scene we shot was 10-20 seconds long...if that! I was to show up on set at 9:00 am and be ready for anything. I supplied the rods and reels, a net and tackle box, we had a "fish wrangler" from Camp creek hatchery bring some really pretty Browns for the "release shot". Ben had the fish (14-24 inch Brown Trout) in the Back of a pick-up with oxygen and coolers full of ice to keep the fish happy. At 2:00 pm the Fishes water in was getting hot,and The the fish restless. It was a good thing we had the Craft Truck right beside us. It was a constant supply of ice as the Air temp was getting over 90 in the shade. The sequence was to be filmed on the Credit river, the Fish wrangler,( Ben) and I had been checking the River water temp and to be honest, we got worried as the water temp hit 80+!! We figured the fish would die as soon as they hit the water. Making for an ugly shot!Well, long story short, it was well after 7:00 pm when they did the filming so it wasn't too bad. We built a small "coral" with a seine net to hold the fish and acclimate them before using them in the shot. It worked out very well, the sequence was true to life. The film crew was great and did a fantastic job. Well done, if any of you get the chance, and see the movie for rent give it a watch.
Good News.. Markdale has high speed wireless.. so I'll be able to post more often!!
Have a look at the Photo gallery,I'll be up-loading some new shots of the boat,and some old ones of the build. Enjoy!!
I'll be checking out the Rivers with a report soon.
Tight lines
I love high speed