Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fishing report- July 2011

The rivers in and around Markdale have hit dangerous temps for angling trout. Water levels are at August lows and I wouldn't recommend fishing them.
The Main Saugeen (Bass and Musky/Pike)waters are at 80 + temps and fishing well. Flow is good as is Clarity. Been out on all drifts doing well.Had the Largest Musky of the year on yesterday. It was all the 10 wt could do to handle this massive fish. Unfortunately we lost it to a submerged tree.
Top water action has been slow on all drifts. We can use the rain in the forecast over the next 24-48 hours. I'll be on the river doing an overnight trip this weekend. Weather looks good, should be a fun weekend for these first time fly fishers.
August is pretty much booked up and I'm starting to book steelhead trips for this fall.
I've got some new Steelhead water I'm looking forward to fishing this fall.
Looking to get out for a true Steelhead adventure, send an email or call me and we can talk about the possibilities.