Monday, July 05, 2010

Fishing report

Okay, ready for the "low down???
Yes, I've been injured. My Pelvis/hip is much better, walking without the cane but still not doing back flips!! The shoulder thing continues to be a ..... pain!
I'm getting another cortisone shot on the 26 Th... yahoo!! The first wasn't much help.. hoping the next works wonders!!
Okay.. fishing,
The waters in this neck of the woods are getting hot... not warm.. HOT!!!! in Temp only. Most of you know I don't guide when water reaches the 70 degree mark. So Bass and Musky it is!! I'm able to do one drift a week, more than that and the shoulder is sh.t for 4 days. With said, the Smallmouth and Musky fish will be outstanding this summer!!!
So, if you've got something in mind,and want to spend a day with me on the river??
Drop me a line, we'll try to put something together... I'm really missing my regulars,it would be great to see you all again!!