Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fishing Report July 16 2008-Aug 6 2008

Hey... can we get some more rain please???

What a great year for River levels, the down side , the Smallies are well dispersed throughout the river.Makes for some challenging Bass fishing. Bass fishing like it should be, know the spots, make a good cast and presentation.. you'll get your fish.
I have seen a huge amount of out-migrating smolts, I've never seen this many!! 3 years from now, we are going to have one amazing Steelhead run!! These little guy's are so hungry and aggresive they have been hitting our poppers.

We've had some great days with top water patterns, great sized fish nailing the flies, they are just not holding on!! Still makes me giggle like a little girl when a fish comes to a popper. The Hex's have started on some of the Smaller rivers in my area, we've also had some really good spinner falls of small mahogany's...and I mean small... 26's are about right. It's a very short spinner fall, maybe an hour, well worth the effort, no really big fish.. but who cares.. it's sipping Brookies in August!!!
Flyfitter's and I shared a drift Monday, great day, good people!!
Mike and I get along really well, it's great when a couple of guides
can do a drift together. With Mike's new Clacka and my boat we had a great day!!
It was the girls against the boy's.. the girls had the boy's hands down.. I think it was 7-3 with the largest fish going to the girls... an easy 22 inch smallmouth, with a first time smallmouth on a fly rod being 21 inches!!
Yesterdays drift was a slow day.. we did manage to raise a
Muskie with a popper, That fish was on a mission, when it
saw the boat it turned off at the last minute . But who cares...
it's a Muskie after a popper!!!
The Bass and Muskie season has really just started, Feel like changing species??? I've only got a hand full of days left for Aug/Sept
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