Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fishing Report Oct 11- Oct 23 2007

I must have done something to really anger the Rain Gods!! Maybe Mother Nature has a chip on her shoulder...who knows. It's been a long time,or it seems anyway ,that we have a fall this dry, or maybe I just can't remember..I am getting older.

The Upper Saugeen has again reached a near stand still with flow, even with the rain we have had nothing has gone up at all.

The Maitland...I can't even talk about it,

The Lower Grand is at a good temp, and I have heard all kinds of stories about Steelhead. I have a hard time thinking that fish are moving above Caledonia with the river at this level..but stranger things!!

The Notty, thank God for the Notty! Fish and flows are stable. The Steelhead are enjoying the water temp, and not slowing down at all. Some decent pods of fish have entered the river, not slowing much to be caught. I got out for some fun fishing after a couple of very slow days in the drift boat to find some fish with one of the best Steelhead anglers, no.. he's one of the best all around angler's I know. Cam Moore, this guy is a ton of fun to fish with, I always enjoy his company and look forward to any time on the water with him. We fish the Notty in some water that we figured fish would be holding, After a early and slow start to the day we found a few fish.

All told we landed a dozen or so Steelhead, Cam tagged this fish fairly early on float gear.

We had a great day and covered a ton of water, it's not always about the numbers, I still enjoy a few fish with some great company. I managed a few fish on the fly gear, even a decent Brown trout, that was a nice surprise. I didn't think the water was in any condition to swing flies so all the fish came on egg flies under an indicator.. pink and orange. The fish on the right was a fly caught fish, both of these fish spent more time out of the water than in!!
With any luck Mother nature will mellow out and give us the rain we need. Patience is the key, but I personally am running out of that.
If your out and have some good success, remember these fish are precious and need to be released to continue the cycle. Let them go, for future angling opportunities.
Tight lines


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fishing Report Sept 11 - Oct 11 2007

Now that Trout season has closed,and steelhead season is at our door, I want to thank all that booked with Ken Chandler fly fishing adventures. It was truly a difficult , strange,but rewarding trout season.

It seems with the rain we've received the last few days, only a very small amount of it actually has hit the rivers. With two days on the Notty and only a few fish to show for it,temps still in the mid 60's, and rising water levels and colour it should be very soon for that river. Some fish are hitting dark spey flies on the swing, most are coming on peach egg patterns. All fish are being caught in fast water, and not fighting like they should due to the warm temps.
I stopped by The Beaver and bighead to have a what!! Man they are still very low and warm. Not a normal fall by any standards, anyone have a good rain dance ??
The Forecast for the next few days will bring the night time air temps way down to single digits.
It's a start, but rain will be the big factor.

For anyone that is interested, I will be at Bass Pro Shops every third Wednesday on the Month.
I'll be In the White River fly Shop tying some of my best producing fly patterns and giving seminars on how I fish for Ontario's warm and cold water fish. I'll be in the Shop the 17 th of October, tying steelhead patterns from 6-8 pm.

With November almost completely booked and the later part of October full, now is the time to call if you have been thinking of booking a steelhead trip. My fly boxes are full and the boat is ready for some steelhead!!

Take a look at my photo's page ,I've posted some new Bass shots of this summers trips, enjoy
It was a truly fantastic season for smallmouth and Muskie.
Thanks for having a look