Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fishing report Sept 10 2009 - Oct 06 2009

Let the Fall season begin!!!
Water levels in most rivers are on the way up!! Temps are on the way down!! With the full moon fish are moving into the rivers.
The Saugeen is 52.9 and the fish are on the move... quickly!! I'm finding most fish in fast water, and they aren't staying long.
The season looks good thus far, with more rain in the forecast and colder night temps you should be calling or emailing me for a booking.
Lots to do before the snow flies, on the house.
I've got some new fly patterns I'm working on. I've decided to get back to the old standard patterns I've used for years, why change when they work??? Good question.
I'm rally looking forward to being out on the rivers this fall, the trees are turning right now and are just incredible!!
Happy Thanksgiving
Tight lines