Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tornados and fishing Reports

It's been a tough week. Today marks the one week mark since the

tornado ripped through our front yard. Things are slowly coming back, Hydro,temporary land line (it's hanging from the last of our trees). I can't believe we got through without any injurys. Sulfur seems to be suffering some shock, I kept her very close as the Tornado hit. She was shaking so bad, and wanted out of the Laundry room... badly. I couldn't let her go.. you never know how bad things are going to get.I'llleave it at that, we're all healthy, and everything can be replace.

So fishing was picking up, the Ephoron hatch had stated last

week mixed with some Hex's. Gord and his wife Kim were

my last clients before the storm. Gord missed some good

fish,and some good fish missed Gords' popper!! Was a great

day, I truly enjoy this couple. Great people!!
After our day had finished, we headed back to Walkerton

to drop Gord and Kim at their car.When we Reached the

Tim's, the Ephoron hatch was in full swing, and I mean FULL SWING!!

Check out the photo's, they closed the Drive through!! As the attendant

opened the window to serve, the Mayflies piled in!!

Have a look at the photo's, looks like snow around the lights!!

I'll be posting more shortly, still cutting trees.
Thanks for checking in,


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Reports and all is good again!!

Email is all worked out, back to normal... well as
normal as "I" get!! Well, It's been a busy couple
of weeks, lots of Bass guides and a over-nighter.
I sure would like summer to show up soon. The
Saugeen has dropped again to 66.8. Lots of Smallies
around.. with no appetite for anything, not
Even the infamous "full motion Hex",or
"full motion crayfish". It's easier to get Musky this year
than Smallies, I'm waiting for some photo's from the over-night trip.I'll get them up as soon as I get them. Rob and his Dad booked the trip many moons ago, and had been very excited to get out. Neither of them had a huge amount of Fly fishing experience, so after a quick tune up for his dad(had been 30 years for him) we headed out, Rob managed to hook two Musky, lost the first but landed the second, nice first Musky, 33 inches,jumped and cartwheeled!!
He also landed a nice 4.5 lbs smallie.
I'm crazy busy again this week, all but Friday is booked!!
I love my job, thanks to all that make this a reality!!
Tight lines

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I've been Spammed!!!

Hello Fellow Fly Fishers,
I'm asking for all potential and existing clients to please call the number on the Website to contact me for booking.
At last check,I was well over 10,000 emails being returned from all over the world.This was in a 10 hour period.
I am unable to check or view any email, please call my cell and I'll be happy to book or give information required.
Thank you for your understanding