Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fishing Report Quick update

With the Storms last night the river is dirty and rising.The Upper river did get a substantial amount of rain and has less than 3 inches Vis this morning.
Looks like I'll be doing some re-booking for this weekend...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fishing Report August 2011

Finally some much needed rain, although not sure if it will be enough to change levels in the upper Saugeen and other headwaters. I'm still not doing any trout guides in this area, but with the cooler nights, I may have to do a quick "drive around" and temp taking.
Bass and Musky/Pike have held up pretty good this year. Good numbers of fish and some heavy smallies around...
On another note, I feel for the residents of Goderich and surrounding area. We got hit 2 years ago with an F2 (200km winds), nothing compared to an F3!!
If you can spare a few dollars please help them out, you can't believe the hassles these people will face with the insurance company's..not many people carry wind insurance.. let alone know that they should like us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fishing report August 2011

Man, I hate August!! The levels in the Saugeen headwaters are so low! Some sections have no flow.. still water!

The Middle section has been avoided like a bad case of crabs!! Too much pressure for my liking!

The lower section is great, good temps in some sections, great top water and big streamer action.

Have had many great days. Hooked the biggest Musky ever, lost it to a tree, landed another big big fish. lots of average fish, good to see. Looking forward to the guides coming up.

Got openings, still holding off on courses and trout fishing until we get some rain .

White t-shirt, average fish... Grey t-shirt 50 inch fish at 20 lbs!

Gotta Love Doug, he wasn't all that impressed until later!