Friday, July 13, 2012

Fishing Reports

In typical Chandler form, I've left this way too long...
Been  great Year for bookings, best year ever to be honest. I'm still working away at the house, but am getting closer everyday to living here.
The spring season was short lived, and now we are in the heavy part of summer with little rain, super low water conditions and very very warm water.
Have had some good days and bad days, luckily more good than bad and even the bad weren't that bad... always getting fish, maybe not the size or numbers but fish is fish.
I've purchased a GoPro Hero two and have been taking Video of some clients catches, and will get them up after editing, which seems to take forever..
I'm already booking Trout trips for 2013, and my fall is filling up nicely, looking forward to some cooler weather and higher river levels.