Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fishing Report April 20 - May18 2008


What a busy start to the 2008 season, this is my second day off!! I'm not complaining I truly love what I do and thank all that enjoyed a day on the River with me to this point.

The Maitland was a tough go in the early days of the season, no big surprise it's been like that for 4 years. My first trip on the Maitland was not bad...not great, 4 fish landed 6 hooked. The Last 2 of the day were by far the nastiest fish ever... didn't show themselves just a couple of really good head shakes and runs ...and guessed it... off!! The second trip was slow, with gin clear water and few fish left in the River we managed one nice fish with a fear of cameras...My client held it up for a quick shot and release...the fish just wanted the release. We had a great day on the river with a Maitland River Grand Slam.... a smallmouth,Carp and Steelhead!! Way to go Nigel...well done with the 2 hander.

I've been so busy teaching new fly anglers, it's one of the best parts of my job! I really enjoy watching people "Get It".. so much to learn... and students are always happy to learn it.

The Saugeen.. below Walkerton is a real challenge for fly anglers, Mike, one of my best clients, had a good start before the rain dirtied up the river,filling my boat with 6 inches of rain in 15 minutes!! Good thing the river got ugly early or Mike would have cleaned up.. this guy can fish!!

I've managed to stay clear of the Grand River Below Shand Dam.. had a couple of courses turn out very well with everybody catching fish... nothing too big but hey, the first fish on the fly rod is always a really good experience!I try to hold my courses in the Markdale area, some new water for most and great hatches, as of yesterday Hendrickson's, Grey Foxes and BWO's in huge numbers are coming off. The Bigger brookies are very happy to give my clients lots of chances to hook them. I've had a chance to fish once this year, a spot I really enjoy on the Saugeen. Was a tough hour, nothing rising, nothing really moving at all..what do I do when fishing is slow...??? you guessed it, get that Mouse pattern on!!! A beautiful 15" male Brookie was happy to eat my mouse!!! After a couple of quick photo's off he went into the dark hole he came from...I know this fish and his wanna catch a Ontario brookie??

Give me a call things are just getting started!!

The Lower Grand was slow to start.. not for Steelhead but,for the Resident Rainbows...these fish can be some of the hardest fish to find and hook. It may take all day to find a fish worth catching..just like George did,he fished hard with some smaller fish hitting his fly then we found them... 2 beautiful fish a 16" and 19" fish full of power to give George a great fight and be real eased to do battle again.

With this Springs cooler nights and rainfall we are in great shape (so far) for a fantastic fly fishing season. With the River levels up a full foot from last year at this time and water temps at 54-56 degrees.... Trout will be very happy for some time yet.
If you have been thinking about hiring a guide..this would be the year to do it..
Give me a call, I'm booking the last few days of June, and can't wait for Smallmouth.
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