Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fishing Reports, June 24 - July 16 2008

Man, I love small mouth bass!!
The Saugeen has been a blast, some good fish have come to poppers. Gotta love top water!!
The River has gone through some major structure changes, a few new channels and sweepers to watch out for.
Water temps up here have been rising well above the comfort zone for Browns and Brookies. I've taken the trout off the current angling list for now. I've also decided to not guide the Grand River. I figure with the other guide services have enough coverage on the Tailwater. With being so close to the many trout rivers and creeks in the Markdale area, I've got some very unique opportunities for anglers looking for something different.
The Saugeen down stream from Walkerton is currently passing the Out-migrating rainbow/steelhead smolts. If we want a good steelhead return, don't target these very valuable fish. The water temps are too high to release these fish with any good chance for survival.. it's our responsibility to ensure the smolts have the best chance to return in years to come.