Thursday, August 01, 2013

Fishing report August 1 2013

Well Well.. after last nights rain..I woke up early to check flows.. just in case my booking for today needed to be re scheduled... and yes.. yes it did. The Saugeen is on it's way up, not a big surprise being we had 2.5 inches of rain in 12 hours.. With luck.. fingers crossed.. I'll be back on the oars by Tuesday..
My August is almost full, a nice change from last month.. with the high water and low bookings.. it allowed me to get some more done on the house. We will have a full Kitchen by mid August and will be almost back to normal by Sept. Working on a few new projects and am looking forward to sharing it with you! thanks for check in once and awhile...appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

fishing Report Summer 2013

Had a good chat with a very wise gentleman today..glad he gave me some straight advice!

So, here we go.. been a good season so far, plenty of Smallmouth and Musky happy to eat the flies we've offered. Last year at this time the water was very low and crazy warm.. what a change from last year. We've had more high water events than I can remember. Great new for the fish and watershed!
We've been busy on the Saugeen, and looking forward to August as it's booked pretty much completely.
With the levels and temps, we should find a new "Ontario Drift Boat guides" Best this year. Had a very Large Musky to the boat... and as I grabbbed the leader to guide it into the craddle.. this giant opened it's mouth and fly just slid out... you want to talk about a huge mood changer in the boat!! But that being said we rose well over 15 good Musky that day between Brent and his Brother Ryan.. both good Pike anglers with fly gear.
Looking forward to October when they come back to seal the deal!
 Just recovering from some knee surgery.. still sore and stiff but happy to back pulling oars! I still think in the week I was off, I gained like a hundred pounds! I'm getting rid of that quickly and am very happy to back in the best office in the world.
Our house is so close to being done.. can't wait to get back to the "old routine" and have more time to post blog reports and get out for some great day's with friends and clients. Been doing a good mount of guiding this year.. and looking forward to next year.
Thanks for checking in..