Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fishing Report Sept 4 Th 2012

Still very Low water conditions, have seen a few Salmon moving through the lower river, like 4-5??
Upper Section is again at a stand still, never seen the river this low with little or no flow. Has me worried.
Middle section is really low, but semi clear and full of guy's that feel it's okay to take as many fish as they want...
Lower section has been good, still stained and water temps are getting back up to low 80's mid day.
I'll keep you posted on river conditions..
 On another note, while waiting for a Client on Monday... this ass hole with a C.T. spinning rod comes up the stairs at Tim's in Walkerton. Asked me how I'm "do'n" and jumps on his bicycle with a 3 foot long stick with 2, 4 inch rainbow smolts on the stick.. Jesus, these fish had to be the smallest things I've ever seen. The sad thing is he was so proud!!

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