Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fishing Report August 2010

Low, Low,Low..
This has been a really tough year on the Saugeen. Not for Fishing but for the fish. Guided the Paisley section Yesterday, I'm seeing structure I've never.. and I mean Never seen before. Water temps have finally dropped, thank god for the night time temps.. all we need is a week of solid rain and we'd be back to maybe normal levels. Saw a Big Chinook move through a riffle yesterday... gotta wonder how long before those fish get so stressed they just give up.
The lower river sections are really stained up with algae, it's 50/50 dead and alive so the river has a nasty Brown/green color. Fish are still able to find our flies and we are getting some good fish on Cray's ,skinny clousers and Hex nymphs. Not mush for top water action, maybe one fish every 500 feet give or take.
Musky are in much better shape with the low 70's temps, had a great day with a first timer with the big flies yesterday. Landed two good fish, in the 36-40 inch class, Nice work Paul!!
Still seeing Hex's coming off, nothing in any numbers and fish seem to have keyed off the spinners and Dunn's.
Just weeks until Fish able numbers of Steelhead are in the river... keep checking back for updates on the run this Fall.

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