Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing report May 17th 2011

Not so much a fishing report but a rant!
So, I've tied up a new Mouse pattern and was headed down to the Rocky to try it out . Let me say this,I am so disgusted by the lack of respect for our natural resources. Yes, I realize fishing in this area is done mostly by beer drinking idiots that can carry a 6 pack in, but can't seem to find room to pack it out!! WTF!!! Not only beer cans but broken liquor bottles smashed right on the trail, worm boxes, cigarette butts..ya I smoke,but I rip the filter off and put the filter in my pocket until I get home and put them in the garbage..
So,I know that virtually everybody that reads this is a responsible person... not sure what I need to do to get people to be a little more environmentally sensitive...
Anyway, didn't try the Mouse.... I'll do it on another river.

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