Thursday, May 24, 2007



What a Crazy couple of weeks!!

I've been spending my spare minutes concentrating on my local streams,so lets start with The Saugeen systems.

The Hendrickson spinners have been so thick, Val and I spent a few hours casting #16 Hendickson spinners to Brookies, very selective Brookies. These are not big fish but can you pass up on a beautiful natural Brook Trout from an area like the photo?
The Grand River Tailwater has had the best Hendrickson Hatch I've seen in years!
Too bad the fish can't recognize these bugs as food, We've seen blanket hatches with few or no fish rising. With these warmer temperatures the fish will start keying in on spinners.
Watch for an evening with some cloud cover to keep the spinners from the trees.
I had a couple of hours after a course and managed to stick a 21" Brown on a reversed spinner
Nice fish,and met a truly nice gentleman in the Can Robert area. Blair is a great guy and fishes the Grand often,he shares his time with his wife who loves the areas B&B's. We stayed late waiting for the spinners to fall, Blair had a couple of shots a big fish in an area that he has never fished. Blair made a great cast, the fish came to his spinner, Blair was a little slow on the hook set stuck the fish for a second...and that was it, we both figured the fish to be over 20" the first big fish Blair has had a shot at with a dry time Blair ..we'll get him!
The Conastoge River has been good to fly fishers, spend some time in pools below riffles. Caddis seem to be the ticket.
The Credit Fished well early,but is now winding down. Some good fishing can be had to the dedicated fly fisher with a good nymphing style.
I'm looking forward to some great days on the Saugeen targeting Muskie and Big Smallmouth,
I'm booking guides for these amazing hard fighting fish. Call to reserve your day soon.
Remeber to keep the fight times short, the longer you fight a fish the higher the lactic acid build up, the lower the survival rate. Be sure to revive the fish well, let the fish decide when it's time to swim away. If the fins have a reddish colour to them and the fish is not staying up-right hold the tail gently, keeping the fish in the current and slowly move the fish back and forth in the current. Doing this will slowly allow the acid build up to disapate,allowing the fish to move freely on it's own.

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