Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fishing Report June 25- July 17 2007

Bass, Bass,Bass and Muskie!!
Mr. Cooper shows us how it's done!! He cast the 10 wt all day and it payed off!!

We've been busy with warm water species, smallmouth fishing has been excellent to say the least. I've seen some truly huge bass on the Saugeen.

Had a long day on the Saugeen Monday with two guy's from London, Ruben and his new fly fishing friend Dave. Dave started off slow, but quickly picked up casting the fly gear.In no time he was hooking smallies with the 6 weight. Clousers and crayfish with a couple of fish taken on Ruben's flies! Never met a smallmouth that didn't want a crayfish. Dave found that out when he cast to a large boulder, his fly was met by a 18 inch bass as the fly dropped!

Thanks again Guy's.

The Upper Saugeen has reached it's summer flows, and temps. It's become almost impossible to find a brook trout or brown in the system.

The Rocky has warmed up, still below the 65 degree mark.The evening fishing has been fair to good on small BWO spinners and cahill spinners. The Happy Trout Chapter of T.U. has a work day Wed the 18th of July, I'll post some shots from the day.

The Grand River, what can I say. If you know what sections to be on,you can get some great fishing in. Be prepared to fish late...and spend some time on the banks watching.. I did with Don and Rob well worth putting in the time, Don missed a big fish and Rob hooked this 21 inch fishing on a Iso spinner

Had a chance to head to the Conestoga, water levels look good. I didn't have time to fish,but looks like the water to be on is up-stream of county Rd 12.

We need Rain, the small brook trout creeks have come to a stand still, no flow and algae getting a good foot hold makes fishing not an option.

The Sydenham below the Falls has great tree cover so, it's still fishing well, not great. You still have to work for a fish,but it's so nice and cool in the bush. Nymphing has been the a good producer, caddis and small pheasant tails are what have been best on 6X tippets.

Maitland, if you know the deeper pools you'll get sore from fighting smallmouth.

It shouldn't be more than a few weeks before Chinooks start moving in to a well know River

We will however, need a good couple of days of rain to start that small and early run of fish.
All in all thing are still good, if you want to make the most of your trip out,give me a call and I'll be sure to make your day worth hiring us.
Tight lines

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