Sunday, November 05, 2006

Long time coming

What a crazy month,I apologize for the lack of posts.
The Rivers are running bank full with plenty of Steelhead.
I fished the Maitland with a good buddy John Warner a while ago and we managed a few fish.
This one took a matuka spey in hot pink on the swing...hammered it too!
John hooked his on a one of his own creations.
Felt good to get the bend back into my Sage 9141 spey rod
Notice how Sulfur had to squeeze into the photo.
Last week I fished the Saugeen for a few hours, managed a few silvers on spey flies.
The Saugeen is running perfect with plenty of fish and great temps. If this keeps up
I may have to fish again this week!
Remember it won't last forever, so book a day in the drift boat or a wade trip soon.

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