Monday, April 02, 2007

Fishing Report April 01-06 2007

The Saugeen has dropped and is clearing as of Sunday. We are expecting more rain, that will affect the river again. Water temp in the Saugeen is 43 degrees,with about 12" visability.
A majority of fish are being caught in slower water close to the bank.
The Maitland had dropped and is fishable only down stream of the #21 bridge. The cold water temps are keeping fish in the slower water.
We still have about a foot of wet snow in the bush,in Markdale,and are expecting more cold temps and snow before the weekend.
When fishing the dirty water,remember the fish have a hard time passing the silt over the gills.
Fishing close to the bank will produce more fish as the silt level is lower in these areas.
Look for slow moving pockets and eddies,fishing with pale pink egg patterns and black stones has been working well. The tiny winter blacks are hatching in huge numbers,be sure to have some #16 nymphs in your fly box.
Good fishing

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