Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fishing Report week of April 9-13 2007

The rivers are coming back into shape. Although the snow we received the last couple of days is now melting with the light rain it will change the river levels and clarity.

The Saugeen, as of Thursday is slowly going up. The River has fish, and lets hope it
keeps some good visability

The Maitland, is also on it's way up, remember its only open to fishing below the #21 bridge.

The Notty, Is steady and should be okay without any rain. The Notty can be a tough River to find fish,but with the cooler water temps concentrate on the slower pools.

The Lower Grand, is also holding steady,but for how long?With the high water this fall it may be difficult to find fish in the main River. The Grand is open from Caledonia down stream.
Be careful not to get within the 25 meters of the Dam... the C.O's have no mercy , can't blame them.

Take a thermometer with you,check the temp and you'll know what water to fish. Slower for cold water...medium to fast water above 45 degrees. Remember, it only takes a 1/2 of a degree to change inactive fish to active fish.
Fell free to leave your comments or let us know how you did on your last trip out

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