Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fishing Report July 27- Aug 1 2007

A quick up-date.

The Saugeen is fishing great!! John booked a full day on the Saugeen to try these hard fighting fish,and after a slow start he was into some great fish!!

John has asked I no longer call him my "Poster Child" so I'll just call him the best student I've ever had. Completely focused and determined to get the most out of his time angling. I truly enjoy his company and willingness to learn. It's a pleasure to have John in my boat.

Thanks again John,see you in the fall!!

It's time for Hex's on the Saugeen. If you have yet to experience this hatch on the Saugeen now is the time!!

The lower sections are getting good emergence and spinner falls,with smallies keying into these good sized meaty flies. This is an evening thing,but well worth booking a drift boat trip for dry fly action.
I have not been On any Trout waters.With this heat, I'm sure temps are beyond what I will subject clients and fish to. The Trout Creeks in my area are very low and warm,not worth wetting a line. The Rocky Saugeen is beyond fishing temps. It's all bass, bass,bass, not a bad trade off!!!

I have limited dates open,call today to book your trip!!

Tight lines


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