Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fishing Report May 18 - June 17 2008

Another Great month, thank you!!
We've had some fairly frustrating fishing in the Grand, one of the shortest Drake hatches I've seen. Couple that with the extra early algae bloom!! Yikes,even the stockers are having issues.

We have had SO much high water, the Saugeen has been up more often than down...it's a great thing. The temps are still holding well, on average we are getting 66-68 degrees.The Hatches as of late have been fantastic, I managed a couple of good nights with the Drakes... yes just a few days ago. Much later and much longer than the Grand River... with virtually no other anglers to compete with. The Iso's are just starting, these are huge bugs!! Can't wait to get a chance to fish them again.
All the Creeks are fishing well, I'm thinking of taking the Grand off my list and concentrating solely on the water around my home. So many quality Brook,Brown and rainbow trout opportunities, if you are looking for a truly unique experience, on one of the prettiest streams around drop me an email, I'll be happy to oblige.
Just a matter of days until Smallmouth trips begin, I've been so busy I haven't even thought of muskie...that's about to change, the Saugeen below Walkerton has been too high and dirty to really have a good day...gotta love that clay base and high banks!! It's getting better everyday and I look forward having clients hucking big flies to the banks holding one of the best fighters we fish for...in warm water.
Remember, we are all responsible for maintaining good land owner relationships, please keep our rivers and streams clean..take out what's left behind by the irresponsible anglers.
To continue having great sport fishing.. we need to practice catch and release. No better way to ensure quality fishing for us all for years to come.

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