Monday, October 20, 2008

Fishing Report Oct 6 - Oct 20 2008

And We're Off!!!

Things are heating up, the Lower Saugeen has been producing some good Steelhead. The Notty as well. We could use the rain that has been forecast for this week. With the Water temps around the 46-52 range, fish are full of energy. My Wednesday guide had his hands full with very scrappy 4-5 lb fish. So much so that we didn't land anything over 14 inches!!! The Upper Saugeen still needs some time before we see decent numbers of Steelhead. What a difference from last Fall, good thing, as I don't think I could take that many cancellations again and survive the Winter... or at least I don't think Val (my Wife) could take it.

On another note, we now have a new addition to the Ontario drift boat guides family. A 11 week old Golden /yellow retriever pup. His name is Drake, as in Brown Drake. He's a hand full right now and I'm sure all these sleepless nights will be worth it in the long run. He seems to like being in the Boat more than Sulfur, well, he likes to sleep until lunch then do his business and sleep the rest of the day!! Man I'd love to to that!!
I still have a few openings here and there, so If you've wanted to get out for a day of Steelheading give me a call.
Tight lines

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