Monday, October 06, 2008

Fishing report

Trout season is now just a memory, Steelhead has begun!!
Now that I've taken the Grand River off the list of rivers I guide, I've added a new drift boat guide for Brown Trout. I won't go into any details but if you would like a truly unique adventure, drop me an email and I'll be happy to get you into some water you will be amazed with. The 2009 trout season will be one of great dry fly fishing for large brown trout... natural, big, beautiful Browns and a few good sized Rainbows tossed in for fun!!We have a huge amount of pristine rivers in this area, most with little or no pressure. Think out of the box in the 2009 season,give me a call and I'd be happy to take you out for a great day of trout fishing.
With the rain fall being above average, fish have been moving into our systems. With the river levels and cooler temps we had some challenging days, and some Fantastic days. The Musky bite was amazing, we had some multi fish days, lots of follows and many lost fish. I've come up with a new pattern, a large tube that has produce many Musky.. and of course the odd fish on a popper while fishing bass!!

Lets talk about The steehead situation, I've got a busy season this fall, and am really looking forward to having all my regulars and some new clients in the boat. The out look is great this year, lots of water with fish starting to move in . The early season will be great, we will be swinging some new patterns I've been working on. As you may know I prefer to guide water that has little or no pressure from other anglers, finding fish can be a challenge at times,but always well worth the effort by myself and my clients. Rivers are a changing thing, structure and pools change all the time, I've spent a lot of time scouting out some new water and double checking the old haunts to be sure we have the details needed to ensure quality days.

Again thank you to all the anglers that booked me for this past season. I truly enjoyed every minute on the water this past season .
P.S. Watch for my episode on the "New fly fisher" in the coming months.

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