Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fishing Report Week of Sept 4 - Sept 11 2007

Finally some much needed rain!!
It's not likely enough to bring the river up to trigger runs of salmon, but it's a start! The colder night forecast for the week should make a big change in the rivers.
The Grand River, it's still too warm for my liking, 70 degrees on Sunday. The upper section has had some great caddis hatches, #16-20 in Tan and Olive. Good amounts of fish keying into the emerger.
The Rocky Saugeen is at 70 degrees as well, with any luck the temp will drop and the Brookies will find themselves feeding on whats left of the Hex's and Isonychia. The hex's last week had been heavy at dusk. Not one fish rising for these big flies. The Iso's are heavy right now. the last hour of day light has seen some fish brave enough to move for a meal. The bats are eating really well before they head south...can't wait till they are gone...not that I don't like them...just not in my House!!
The Main Saugeen is still at a trickle, my Brookie spot has seen some heavy traffic with very few fish over 10 inches left. Make me sad to see natural Brook trout taken from a river that is struggling to maintain a decent population.
The Smallmouth have begun to school up, "double header" are the words of the day. Big fish are starting to pool up and are willing to eat for the up coming winter months. The Muskie have been more cooperative with lots of follows and some great takes.
The Notty around Angus has some good numbers of fish, and anglers, I don't fish this area, at least you can get into some fish if you can stand the crowds. The lower Notty has seen some very small Pushes of salmon heading into the river. With the rain... we might see more fish entering the system.
Had a visit from Fly Fitters Mike Verhoef yesterday, we talked about the level of the Maitland.
He has never seen the River so low, not in 37 years.... I think he's older than that, but live that dream Mike!!
As promised, Mike B sent me a CD of the photo's they took on the Drift trip down the Saugeen.
The shots just don't do the fish justice. If you know Mike he's a big dude, this fish took him all over the river while he giggled like a school girl...great job Mike. Mark was Mikes fishing partner,
he got into some great fish too! Same time next year guy's??

Okay.. this is obviously not the fish, it is however the smallest fish of the year!!
This Is the Fish..The smile says it all!!

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John said...

We need to work out a trade. I'll take you for a float in my boat on my home river(Pere Marquette in Michigan) and you take me for one on yours.